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Unlock Your Land's Carbon Farming Potential.

Carbon Farming Heatmapping software
Rapidly assess the yield, profitability and cashflow of a carbon project on any patch of land in Australia. 

Quickly Assess Project Viability Online

Carbon Scout is an unbiased economic feasibility tool for carbon farming.

It allows you to quickly assess profitability, understand the business case and identify the best pockets of land to position a carbon crop.

Carbon Scout breaks things down into simple steps. It explains all project costs, identifies success factors, highlights risks and shows cashflow timing, in an easy to understand assessment. You get the full picture, without being locked in with an individual service provider. 

Carbon Scout equips you with the information that you need to make informed decisions on which carbon farming options are the best fit with your farm’s existing operations, without sacrificing productivity.

Built for Australian Carbon Projects

Soil carbon projects
Native tree reforestation carbon projects
Plantation forestry carbon projects

Carbon Heatmapping

Heatmaps take the guesswork out of finding the highest yielding areas to initiate a carbon project.

Zero in on pockets of land that could be profitable as a carbon crop. Available at a paddock or regional scale.

Farm with a carbon yield predictor heatmap on top
Carbon farming project polygons

Land Mapping

Easy to use mapping tools to check carbon crop viability for specific paddocks or planting areas. Compare the profitability of different types of carbon crop.

Get a visual on how a carbon crop could be integrated within your existing farming operation.

Projected Cashflow

Model multiple scenarios to validate profitability using project and market variables that give you an accurate snapshot of 25 year project performance.


Model a range of different cost and revenue scenarios to uncover the most profitable option for you.

Example cashflow statements for carbon farming projects

Compare Carbon Developers

Browse a summary of different carbon service providers, so you can explore a model that is best for you. Our desktop assessments are unbiased and not linked to an individual service provider. There is no obligation and no exclusivity period. 

Desktop Assessment

Desktop assessment for a carbon farming project

What does Carbon Scout’s Desktop Assessment Deliver:

  • An understanding of Reforestation, Soil and Plantation Carbon project feasibility on your land

  • A shortlist of potential land areas to initiate a project, and their respective returns

  • Pre-tax profit per hectare per annum, including a breakdown of cost per credit under low, medium and high return scenario models

  • Indicative pre-tax cashflow spread across the life of the project

  • Project risk factors and tactics to mitigate

  • Detailed understanding of project implementation including the different carbon developers in the market, their business models and options for your next steps

Carbon farming on a cattle ranch

The Carbon Farming Foundation's heatmap tool made it easy for us to review our portfolio of properties and hone in on the areas that produce the highest carbon yields.

This helped us in deciding where best to strategically locate a carbon farming project across our properties.

- Christie Stewart,
Wide Open Agriculture

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of land assessed for feasibility


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