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Unpack Your Carbon Farming Potential.

Quickly assess profitability, understand the business case and identify the best pockets of land for a carbon project.

What is Carbon Scout?

Carbon Project Feasibility

Our software lets you assess profitability, understand the business case and identify the best pockets of land for a carbon project.


Build understanding

Get a step-by-step explanation of all the revenues, costs, conditions, risks, terminology, assumptions, and success factors.


Financial Feasibility

Rapidly assess yield, profitability and cashflow of a carbon project on any patch of land in Australia.


Yield Mapping

Zero in on pockets of land that could be more profitable as a carbon crop, with simple carbon yield mapping tools.


Hectares of carbon projects we've assessed

Landowners need an unbiased tool to show them the realistic carbon opportunity on their land.

Types of Carbon Projects


Native Tree Reforestation

Plant native trees as shelterbelts, wildlife corridors or bush blocks.

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Soil Carbon

(Coming Soon)

Adjust management practices to improve soil health and capture carbon


Plantation Forestry

(Coming Soon)

Grow commercial timber for harvesting, carbon and other farm benefits.

How does it work?

1. Scout out the yield

Carbon heatmaps help to visualise the carbon yield potential at a regional or paddock scale (not available for soil carbon). Instantly generate carbon yield data via the Australian Government approved carbon model (FullCAM).

Heatmap of the carbon farming potential in New South Wales
Mapping areas for a Carbon Farming  project across your farm

2. Map your project

Use our simple tools to draw carbon project areas. Plan where a carbon crop could fit best into your existing farming operation.

3. Walk-through the assumptions

A step-by-step questionnaire allows you to tailor the feasibility to your own farming context. All the variables are explained, and default values are available to make things easy.  

Step by step, walk through the assumptions of a carbon farming project in Australia
Compare different carbon farming projects, with different scenarios, side by side

4. Compare scenarios

Model a range of different cost and revenue scenarios to uncover the most profitable option for you. Quickly get to the bottom line; with $ per hectare gross profit, $ cost per carbon credit produced, break-even, cashflows and more.

5. Generate a report

Order a 28-page desktop assessment report and feasibility guide. This will guide you along the next steps of the due diligence process.

A carbon farming desktop assessment

What makes it special?



Results not linked to an individual service provider, no obligation, and no exclusivity period.



Breaks things down step-by-step, provides default cost values and explains industry jargon.



Helps you to see how a carbon crop can be integrated within your existing farming operation. Summarises results in clear graphs and tables.



Pulls data from government approved models and allows you to quickly adjust all the critical variables across a period lifespan, to find the most profitable scenario for your farm.


Basic Access

Register your organisation and assess the feasibility of your first project under the ACCU Scheme’s Reforestation by Environmental and Mallee Planting FullCAM Method.

Business Joining Fee - $800 + $0.10 per hectare

This includes:

  • An online consultation session with a Carbon Scout Facilitator (up to 1 hour) to help you set up your project and introduce you to Carbon Scout.  

  • Access to Carbon Scout to add project details, model assumptions and create scenarios based on expected costs and potential revenue.   

  • Once you’re happy with your project, you’re provided with a PDF report outlining the results, cashflow modelling and next steps in further detail.  

Add to Your Projects

Add a new project

This is suitable if you want to be able to assess the feasibility of a seperate project

$350 + $0.10 per hectare

Add a boundary to an existing project

This is suitable if you haven't already purchased land and are scouting for carbon yields on a range of properties. You'll only be able to assess one boundary at a time.

$0.10 per hectare

Add a collaborator

If you need to add an extra user to your project

$20 per user per project

Add a carbon heatmap

To see detailed carbon yield potential across your property to scout out the areas with the highest yield.

$150 + $0.10 per hectare

Add an extra consultation session

If you need extra help or have questions

$250 per hour

Ready to get started?

Unfortunately, due to an update to FullCAM's server by the Department of Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Water, Carbon Scout is not currently available. Please contact us for more information.


Drop us a line and one of our friendly team will be in touch. 

Have Questions? Let's Chat.

Who we've helped

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The heatmap tool made it easy for us to review our portfolio of properties and hone in on the areas that produce the highest carbon yields.


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