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Free Desktop Feasibility Assessment

Unpack the carbon farming opportunity in your back paddock. Available to 15 MLA members who meet eligibility criteria for a soil or reforestation project. 

What will you walk away with?

28 Page Desktop Report

  • Showing three potential profitability scenarios.

  • Graphs and tables to summarise your results.

  • Detailed explanation of all variables (costs, timing, considerations etc).

  • Recommended next steps.

  • Guide to engaging a carbon service provider.

  • List of suitable carbon service providers

1-Hr Feasibility Walk-Through Call

  • Carbon Scout account setup.

  • Your farm boundary setup.

  • Talk through all the variables and options.

  • Choose 3 scenarios to model.

  • Tutorial on how to use Carbon Scout.

12-Months Standard Software Access

  • Refine your feasibility and explore new projects.

  • 12 months software access, for up to 3 active projects

Who we've helped

"The heatmap tool made it easy for us to review our portfolio of properties and hone in on the areas that produced the highest carbon yields"

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What are the eligibility criteria?

  • If considering a soil carbon project, must be > 1,000 hectare project size.

  • If considering a reforestation project, must be > 200 hectare project size.

  • You must own the land.

  • You must not already have a registered carbon project on site. 

  • You must be willing to follow up with MLA to provide feedback 

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